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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Bitchy isn't clever, it's just bitchy | Reactionaries Versus Diplomats | And Poirot References -gotta love 'em

Lately I've gotten back to one of my favorite shows, Agatha Christie's  "Poirot" starring the wonderful David Suchet.  When I hear the theme music begin it feels odd not having a glass of wine and a gourmet cheese plate in hand, but there it is.  (8 months pregnant, whatchagonnado?) There is something sumptuous about this hourly indulgence with such a smart (in every sense of the word) little Belgian nestled in 1920s England.

David Suchet as Poirot by erebus-odora found on deviant art.
What's most endearing about this charming man?  True, he's quirky, picky, a bit prissy -I grant you- BUT: he's diplomatic and polite.  Sound boring?
Well, it ain't.

We are being trained -and told it's "cool"- to be reactive, unthoughtful, unfiltered individuals.  We rarely censor what we say or share -and it's easy to put our foots in our mouths with all the instant outlets for emoting: facebook, twitter, instagram, even blogging.  "I'm just throwing this out there..."
But what are we throwing out?  Usually negativity.

Complaining is rampant.
Griping is on the rise.
Acting badly then attaching a "don't judge me" at the end is totally normal.

We're losing the art of being graceful.
Why do people despise being....well, pleasant?

I get it.  Being "real," dropping the facade, admitting we aren't super women -YES.  True, I agree whole-heartedly!  But are we doing ourselves any favors by reverting to childlike, knee-jerk reactions.  The number of small business owners I know who gripe openly on facebook alone -UGH!  What are they thinking?  How is this helpful -to ANYONE?  Particularly anyone who is/was contemplating working with or associating with them?

I will always remember a former employer who -at least in all my interactions- was a perfect example of diplomatic behavior.  He ran a very successful company surrounded by emotional artists and the typical restaurant employee problems, yet never spoke an ill word of anyone -expect local politicians, but that was his job.  He handled issues gracefully and I always admired him for it.
And that, my friends, is a hard thing to do.

So who are our role models? Snarky reactionists -"Oh, they're so edgy.  I love their brutal honesty," or
pleasant people who weigh their words carefully?

Maybe it's because it's such a challenge to be gracious and we so often fall short.
We hate falling short -feeling inadequate.  But perhaps that's because we aren't trying -or aren't try hard enough.

I am NOT perfect -I continue to learn that in greater fullness with each passing year. But I know that I admire those who, above the circumstances, attempt to be loving speakers of truth and who strive to live in joy.  While the snarky reactionists may be entertaining, I certainly wouldn't want to work with them in any facet or spend any amount of time with them.

Too much sunshine and buttercups for you?
Well, as Poirot would share in sentiment, "Have a pleasant day, my friend."

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