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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Mid-Day Photo Break | Berry Springs Park | Heat of Summer

 It just felt right to grab my girl, the camera and head to the park.  She let me *gasp!* brush and curl her hair (thank you, young lady) and was okay with mama taking pictures of her.  Granted, no poses occurred, just Waverley in true form -which is always the best way to capture your kids.  I mainly caught the back of her; she's always on the move, engrossed in something, off on an adventure.

As luck would have it, we brought carrots for our personal snack and they were excellent in drawing out the sweet donkeys at Berry Springs Park, one of my favorite places in Georgetown.  Scratch that.  My FAVORITE place in Georgetown.

And this -THIS- is what my Waverley looks like most of the hot Texas summer.  Shirtless and happy being herself.

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