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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My First Maternity Session | 2014: The Year of Abundant Happiness

{34 weeks of pregnancy.}

Yesterday I had my first official maternity shoot -at least this baby gets one "first."  My pregnancy with Wilder was so new and wondrous, with Waverley it was filled with girly excitement, this baby has been more "welcome to the party" than "let's throw a party."
The party's started.  
We're not doing a baby shower (though I would like to have a casual gathering of friends just to say hello and visit before baby comes -just to celebrate friendship- but I doubt I'll get around to planning it.)  We're all just feeling so chill and I'm embracing it.

But this maternity session?  Oh my goodness.  So special.  I've seen a few sneak peeks and they are just gorgeous.  I'll share when I get the edits in the next few weeks, you bet your buttons.  

Thelma, owner of Divaz Fabula -a sister duo hair and make up team, came to the house to get me gorgeous. And she certainly did.  I've only had my hair and make up done three times in my life for photoshoots that were personal -not for my wedding, not for prom, just for one round of headshots, last year's creative shoot and this maternity session.

Before and After with hair/make up company Divaz Fabula

I've often felt that getting hair and make up done was on par to having a manicure.  It's something you should be good enough to do yourself -passably.  It's like ordering a coke at a restaurant when you'd be fine with water.  Maybe it's my Presbyterian (read: frugal) upbringing.  I won't splurge on handbags (hello, imitation vinyl at Burlington Coat Factory!)  You won't find designer brands in my closet (unless they somehow made it to the local thrift store -and, by then, they're "vintage" and highly appropriate for recreating Angela Lansbury's look in "Murder, She Wrote."  My favorite.) I just have a hard time spending money.  Unless it's for a bargain.  Or chocolate.
Tim Waters Photography, HMU Divaz Fabula.  34 weeks pregnant.
BUT, hiring Thelma -having my hair and make up done professionally- was absolutely worth it and I firmly believe that if you are going to have a professional photoshoot, you NEED to spend the money on looking your best.  Just from the sneak peeks, what Thelma did with my eye make up completely made my look and I love the photos 200% more than expected because of her work.  My photographer, Tim, said the make up was so flawless, he wouldn't have to do a single retouch.  As a photographer, that's a big deal.

It makes a difference.

Sunday morning I woke up from a dream that I had the baby, but nothing prepared.  Not a single diaper.  Logically, after getting ready, I headed to the store to stock up.

It was the sweetest shopping trip I believe I've ever had.  Standing in the various aisles at Walmart, I could be found hugging diapers with glee, tearing up as I picked out the lightly scented baby lotion I'd be lovingly rubbing into my baby's fresh skin, and laughing out loud, drunk on the thought of soon being in Babyland.  Now, baby can arrive and I'll be ready.  Wipes are under the sink.  Diapers are nearby.  Mattress protector purchased in case my water breaks in bed like last time.

Speaking of my bed, that's another thing that was ultra special about this maternity session.  Done in my studio, which doubles as our bedroom, this is where I'm planning on delivering.  Behind those double doors, I've created a birthing sanctuary in our bathroom.  Peaceful, soothing, filled with green plants, natural light and candles, I've been imagining the birthing scene and mentally preparing with this space.  Having my maternity session captured where the most intimate moments of our live have occurred (yep, TMI, but it's *true*) is just priceless.  So much more meaningful than if we shot in a random field or venue.  THIS is home.  THIS is where we live and love.  THIS is where we'll usher -as a family- our next member into our lives.
I cry just thinking about it.

Get your hair and make up did by a professional like Thelma.
Baby prep shopping at 34 weeks is FUN.
And I have pretty pictures coming that are so very special -and it makes me happier than a June Bug.

Side Note:
2014 has been the happiest year of my life.  Maybe it's the hormones, but I doubt it.  Most of it is due to changes we made as a couple and a family -a change of focus and how we spent our time.  We united where we had been divided, and coming together -re-prioritizing- has been the secret sauce to our happiness.  It seems every day I am hit with how tremendously blessed I am and how thoroughly happy I am right where we are.  I used to dream, "Oh, when we live here, I'll be happy" or "if only we had more money and could travel, I'll be happy," etc.  Now I wake up and snuggle with my hubby, overwhelmed by how lucky I am to have him next to me.  To see Waverley peek her little blonde head up from behind the bed and hop in for a few minutes together before the coffee starts brewing.  To watch my little boy so enthusiastic about the things he's learning, discovering and enjoying at this stage -as SOON as he gets out of bed.


That's the best way to define 2014: The Year of Abundant Happiness.
And I am so thankful.

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