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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Date Night: The First of (hopefully) Many

The first time was in Cape Cod in the Spring.  Aunt Ruth watched both of the kids so Brian and I could have some time alone.  We walked one of the beaches in the dusk of evening, witnessing the last rays of the sun, talking over future plans and goals, finding a few seashells.  Six months later, we had or second date night.  This time venturing into Austin at the tip of Fall.

We dined at NXNW, a restaurant and brewery that is the closest to some of our Anchorage favorites we've found yet.  I've been missing Alaska lately -just the people, the wilderness, the cool restaurants, the cooler weather, and (dare I even say) the polar fleece.  This place, NXNW, was a tonic as well as a comfort.  And, without children, AMAZING!

The bacon wrapped scallops melted in our mouths, the smoked salmon pizza with goat cheese, herbs and capers was astounding.  The specialty beer delicious.  The chocolate pecan sun-dried cherry terrine decadent.  AND we dined in the swanky "VIP"-like side room off the bar and felt like movie stars.

We talked shop, figuring out areas in the photography business we wanted to enhance and tried to pretend we didn't have kids.  I think after 6 months, every parent deserves to have a brain vacation from diapers, bottles, graham crackers and fruit snacks.  I vote for every 6 days, but I'll settle for what I can get.

On our way back to Georgetown we stopped in The Landmark Tavern, the only real bar our homespun community has.  Though it's up a flight of steep stairs (wondering how someone thought that was a good idea,) we loved the welcoming atmosphere provided by it's wonderful general manager, Chris.  One conversation topic lead to another and today I'm meeting him to discuss how I can display my photos there, most likely doing a custom shoot around Georgetown and in The Landmark Tavern so it has a real community feel.  I'm pretty excited.

It was a wonderful evening -absolutely delicious.  But now the children are restless and the work day starts.  Time to begin planning the next date night.  And THIS time I'm not waiting for another 6 months.

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