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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sweet Caroline

101002-Filename caroline

I got to shoot this morning with my dear friend Megan and her daughter Caroline at my in-home studio.  Such a glorious day for a shoot, at that.  Miss Caroline turned one in August is such a lovely little lady.  Knowing how busy I am (and it's only going to get busier) I decided to knock out the edits -plus I couldn't wait to share these with her family!

101002-Filename caroline-2

101002-Filename caroline-3

101002-Filename caroline-4

101002-Filename caroline-6

101002-Filename caroline-7

101002-Filename caroline-8

101002-Filename caroline-9

101002-Filename caroline-10

101002-Filename caroline-11

101002-Filename caroline-12

101002-Filename caroline-13

101002-Filename caroline-14

101002-Filename caroline-15

101002-Filename caroline-16
Megan works for the University of Texas and Troy, her husband, is a big Longhorn fan.  Photos in this outfit was a MUST!  Love how they turned out!

101002-Filename caroline-17
*Sigh*  Too sweet!

101002-Filename caroline-18
Little Miss Giggly.

101002-Filename caroline-19

101002-Filename caroline-20

101002-Filename caroline-21
Mama's Little Stinker.

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Anonymous said...

So So Sweet.

Love from Mama


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