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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Today I'm Three!!!

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It's my birthday and I'm headed outside to play!

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As long as it's not raining, you can usually find me right here.

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Sissy wanted to come out to play, too, but she'd just eat the dirt.  I came inside anyway so I could start opening my presents.

101024 Landmark 1  04
Okay, after ONE more round of dirt playing.

101024 Landmark 1  05
Papa got me some cool new bath toys that swim by themselves.  I'll figure out how to make them go -Papa's giving me a demonstration here.

101024 Landmark 1  06
Train!  (Actually, Wilder, it's a submarine.)  Train!!!

101024 Landmark 1  07
Aunt Brooke, Uncle Joe and Joseph gave me Hot Wheels and this is my FAVORITE way to play with them.  Linin' 'em up.  Everywhere.

101024 Landmark 1  08
I kind of flipped out over the balloon from MiMa and Boppa.  It was probably my favorite present.

101024 Landmark 1  09
Mama thinks I'm one adorable little stinker.  Yeah, I can turn the charm on when I want to.  See?

101024 Landmark 1  10

101024 Landmark 1  11
Cookies from MiMa!  For BREAKFAST!!!  We're gonna have a REALLY exciting day!!

101024 Landmark 1  12

101024 Landmark 1  13
The name train!

101024 Landmark 1  14
This kind of fishing is fun -and it ain't stinky like the other kind!

101024 Landmark 1  15
See, I can open my presents all by myself.  I'm three -and ready to rule the world.

101024 Landmark 1  16
Papa showing me how to work the landing strip and my new plane.

101024 Landmark 1  17
Sissy was here.

101024 Landmark 1  18

101024 Landmark 1  19
Showing Sissy my wrestling moves.  I do this often -and she kind of likes it.  Personally I like to jump on her head, but that doesn't fly with Mama and Papa.  Or Sissy.  Yet.

101024 Landmark 1  20
Get away from MY TOYS!  (Wilder, this is going on the blog!  Be nice!)  So?!

101024 Landmark 1  21
"I think Wilder is going to have more fun today.  Let's see what he gets up to.  Stay tuned!"

Thank you, Everyone, for my fun birthday presents and cards!  Mama and Papa are going to take me out to go shopping with the presents that came in the cards and we are going to play on a big jungle gym, buy some new fish (since Papa killed the past one) and eat cupcakes!

Birthdays rock.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday, Dear Wilder!
Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!!!!

Sending our love, Grandmama

I AM JOE PESCI said...

Wowee! Three! Happy Birthday beautiful boy!!

Anonymous said...

ohhhhhhhhhh :)
I just can't get enough of that SUGAR
Love from, Grandmama


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