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Monday, October 18, 2010

Nearly 3

101018 Wilder 10

Pouring dirt on his head.  That's what Wilder is currently doing in our driveway.  No different than most days, except that he's wearing clothes.  He likes to switch it up a bit:  stark naked, donning diaper, shirt and knickers, fully dressed.  Always barefooted.

After a very, VERY busy week, I'm kind of sort of taking the day off.  Kinda sorta.  But in the "taking the day off" vein, I thought it was high time I snapped a few of home life to enjoy and share.  Since Waverley (or "Sissy" as I've nicknamed her) is sleeping, here's an eye-full of the Wild One.

101018 Wilder 09

101018 Wilder 08

101018 Wilder 07

101018 Wilder 06

101018 Wilder 05

101018 Wilder 04

 101018 Wilder 03
Our painting project earlier today.  I like his electric blue toes, don't you?

101018 Wilder 02
In awe as he watches his current favorite, "How To Take Your Dragon."  I think that's what it's called.  Wilder keeps insisting for "Dragon Oowee, Dragon Oowee!!" so that's all I know it by.  Been a bit to hectic for me to watch it in it's entirety, but from what I've seen, I like it!  As does he...

101018 Wilder 01
Again, under the Dragon's spell.

Okay, back to (not, kinda) working.
And, as the title says, Wilder is nearly 3.  Birthday this weekend and he's already raiding the fridge.  Oh boy, what we have to look forward to ;)


Anonymous said...

He is so precious ~ thank you for sharing him so splendidly!

All my love, Mama

I AM JOE PESCI said...

what a beautiful beautiful boy!

love the toes!


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