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Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Studio: Pre-Production

We're picking out flooring, paint, curtains, lighting -*sigh*- and it's SO exciting!  Creating our studio!  We went to Home Depot today to get the ball rolling, came back with some great ideas and free flooring samples and are knocking out decisions.  Walls and flooring are the first thing to tackle.  We want to simulate the feel it already has -light, light, light- but make it more mono-chromatic.  Think ethereal.  Think bright!

Brian and I have moved into the former guest room since Wilder likes sleeping with Waverley better than having his own digs.  I like being close to the kids, especially after spending 2 months just a few feet from them in the RV.  It feels like we've downsized, but gained a work space in our home.  Cozier living quarters, more efficient space, simpler life.

As Brian researches between watching the kids and organizing things, I've been busily working on editing and shooting, networking and making connections.

It's official:  I will be doing a custom shoot for The Landmark Tavern in Georgetown to decorate their place and I'm so excited!  Many artists are blessed to be featured at local coffee shops or art galleries.  I will get to have my photos on the walls of an establishment until they fall off (or they redecorate.)  All I have to bring is the creativity, they'll handle the printing and framing.  I can't wait to start shooting!

And the PhotoBlog has a fabulous new look!  I would be DE-LIGHTED if you checked it out!

More very fun developments on the way -and maybe we'll get to see some of Brian's excellent photography he's been doing; GREAT shots of Wilder playing in true form.  It has been an exciting journey together as we partner in business, parenting and building our home.

Please be praying for us as we continue to seek balance, focus and God's will as we move forward in this exciting life!  It's been crazy, but it's been such a blessing.  We never would have landed here with the opportunities present if we hadn't taken a chance and gone a little off the deep end.  Life's not always about playing it safe, but keeping it honest and real.  And we're honestly really happy how our big plans didn't turn out quite how we thought.

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Anonymous said...

Very awesome!
Love to all my sweet Texans ~Mama


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