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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Annual Houston Holiday Baking!

101219 01
It happened!  Hooray!  I was in great doubt that we would be able to get together with Grandma Anne, Aunt Carol and cousin Bailey for our 4th annual family holiday baking day -but we pulled it together and made some super sweet memories.  Just wait, it gets deliciously cute...

101219 02
Bailey and Carol making Grandma's classic fudge recipe.

101219 03

101219 04
Wilder kept us entertained and scared stiff at the same time as he leaped from grandpa's arm chair to the couch several hundred dozen times.

101219 05
Lovely lady.  She has some of the funniest sayings and interesting stories -like when she and her sister ran a diner near the Canadian border when they were super young, serving all kinds of cross-country travelers and a rich Canadian cowboy/rancher swept Great-Aunt Ruth off her feet, then she got stuck in Canada visiting his family when the US wouldn't let her cross back over due to passport issues.

101219 06
Somehow Wilder thinks that plain white flour is yummy.  He kept hijacking my sugar cookie rolling spot and sweeping his licked hands over the flour dusted surface.  Yeah, you MAY not want to eat this batch.   Wilder seems to have claimed it.

101219 07
Really claimed it...

101219 08

101219 09
You get my point.

101219 10
Probably my favorite of the gross shots.  Hahahaha!

101219 11
Red hots.  Mmmmmmm....

101219 12
Bailey took some great pictures so it could be documented that, yes, I was really there, too.  Thank you, Bailey!!

101219 13
Carol, by Bailey.

101219 14
(by Bailey) Check out Wilder's sprinkle action!  THIS was my favorite part as a mommy- getting to make cookies with my baby boy, something I wrote down before he was born on a list of what I wanted to do with him in the future.  My heart overflowed.  And his sugar intake was OUTRAGEOUS.

101219 15
(Another awesome shot by Bailey) See?  Sugar, sugar, sugar.

101219 16
"A little for me, a little for the cookies."

101219 17
reMOVING the red hots from the cookies.

101219 18
Divinity.  Another classic Grandma recipe!

101219 19

101219 20
"MMMMMMMmmmmm!  Cookies!!"
"Wilder, get your nose off the cookies."
"Wilder, I said get your face off the cookies."
"Yes.  Cookies.  No more, cookies, you've had enough."

101219 21

101219 22
For a glorious finish, packaging up the goodies!

101219 23
For years Grandma would make and send big packages of divinity and fudge to her children and grandchildren.  Getting to be part of this holiday tradition of her's with my aunt and cousin is priceless to me.  We still use Grandma's original recipes from the late 1950s/early 1960s clipped from newspapers and magazines and taken from church cookbooks.  Thank you, Grandma, for letting us be part of such a special tradition.  It wouldn't have felt like Christmas without our annual baking day!

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

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Anonymous said...

Super SWEET! yummmmmmmmmmmm

Love the family connection too. I miss you all.

Love, Mama


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