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Monday, December 13, 2010

Making The Cut

Haircut on a sleepyhead
He's not depressed.  Really!  I just caught him barely waking up from a super long nap, which he took almost immediately after we pulled a Delilah on this tiny Samson.
Little Sir Goldilocks wouldn't let us brush his hair without a holy war starting.  He was being called "she" and confused with being a girl in public.  And he was lookin' kind of scranky.  True, we JUST shot family pictures yesterday -but at least the head of hair that's been growing for nearly 2 years was documented.

With a few snips, his personality seems to have changed instantly.  Perhaps it's just our perception of him that's so quickly evolved, but I'm not sure.  You know how after you get a drastic haircut life seems a bit brighter, a little fresher and you're more vivacious?  Wilder is acting just like that.  Then again, was it just that monumental nap he took?  Hm... Regardless, he looks like a little man-boy now instead of a wild thing being raised by wolves.  My scissor skills have FAR to go, but it'll look better after a few days and a few baths.

For now, ladies and gentleman, introducing the new and improved WILDER SCOTT!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Handsome - Just like his Daddy!

Nice snipping Kelly ~ love, Mama


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