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Monday, December 6, 2010

Knee High To A Tree

101206 001
This morning a cold-ridden Wilder (and cold-ridden Mama) added some more ornaments to our Christmas tree.

101206 002
Our first year that Wilder was able to "help" decorate.  As I pulled out each special ornament -hand selected before we did our major purge this summer- sharing this tradition with my first born was magical.  Several ornaments were ones given to my parents before I was born, others throughout the early years of my life, and a couple given to us after Wilder arrived.  I love how our tree is a collage of memories.

101206 003

101206 004
Wilder's idea of decorating was to stick to one spot and fill it with every ornament he could get his hands on.  He is a big fan of the sparkly snowflakes Grandmama sent us several Christmases ago.

101206 006
VERY excited about some decorations out of reach.  "Kissmass-a-tree!  Kissmass-a-tree!"
He has a tendency to add an "a" between words -such as "blankie-a-blue" and "milk-a-chocate."

101206 007
We'll be lighting yummy scented candles and staying cozy today, drinking OJ and hot tea trying to get over our sniffles and hoarse throats.  It's chilly out, so bring on the Christmas movies and let's enjoy our festive holiday house!

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