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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Totally Embarrassing On Ice

A few days ago someone randomly asked me what my most embarrassing moment was.  My response was immediate.

The reason is boys, but I managed the various hockey teams for my schools starting in junior high.  Sophomore year of high school I was bumped up from being the JV manager to Varsity.  Woohoo for me, huh?  Managing a sports team is basically being a maid to 20 odd self-obsorbed, gnarling smelling boys who have absolutely no interest in you at all anyway.  Why in the HECK did I do it?  Darned if I know...  Like I said, it must have been the fact that I got to be around boys.  Never went on a single date with any of them, but I've got some stories... And this is one of them -my most embarrassing moment to date.

It was the big game.  Dimond (that's us) playing East High.  The bleachers were PACKED -PACKED, I tell you.  My backpack was strapped on and in each hand I had a crate full of water bottles.  Grand total of twelve of those puppies.  The zamboni had just finished smoothing over the rink and I was highly aware of the large puddle remaining in the center of the ice.  Skoosh, skoosh, skoosh, I carefully walked across the rink like I'd done 100 times before.  And BAM!  I mean, WHAM-BAM -just as I reached the middle of the ice I slipped right in that darned puddle of water.

Water bottles shot clear to the opposite goals.  I carefully stood up.  Mortified.  Gathered the scattered water bottles, turned to the crowd and took a bow.  A roar of applause went up, and I swore that I would never, ever, not in 100 million years walk across the ice ever again.

And to this day, I've stuck to it.

What's your story?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Aaaahhhhhhhh Sweetie.
I remember.
And as usual, you handled it with grace and charm.
Not much ice in Texas :)
love, Mama


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