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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Festivities!

Just a quick update to let you know we're still alive, kicking and enjoy the festive holiday spirit!
Christmas this year was one of the best I've ever had.  Brian and I had a peaceful and beautiful gift exchange on Christmas Eve after the kids had gone to bed.  Wilder slept until 8am (hooray!) and as Waverley still slept, we thoroughly enjoyed Wilder's first Christmas morning where he understood that he had presents waiting for him.  The amount of "Oh Gosss!  Oh Gosss!  WOW!!" (That's "gosh") was priceless.  He enjoyed many gifts, but the winner has been the box his grandparents mailed his presents in and a bag of balloons Brian bought him.  And the chocolate rocks.  Easy young man to please.

Waverley woke up and was all smiles and giggles as usual, which made the morning even sweeter that it started out to be (nearly impossible) then we started making brunch.  We got dressed up and welcomed our Christmas guests, Olga and Erin, for a day of merriment.  Olga went back to visit friends and family in Russia on Tuesday, but we agreed on Christmas Day that a photoshoot was in order so she could bring back some gorgeous pictures to share.  We shot on the 26th and 27th and I edited like crazy to ensure she had the photos in hand before I dropped her off at the airport.  The results are magnificent -mainly shot in my home studio.  Here's the link to the photoblog if you'd care to see (and, trust me, you don't want to miss these pictures!)

I'm shooting an elopement (woo-hoo!) tomorrow afternoon which wraps up my 4 weddings this month.  Now work begins in the editing room (aka kitchen.)  Bridal shows coming up at the end of January and February, and -joy of joys- jury duty on Monday.  I did a voiceover for Dell yesterday and had an HEB commercial audition Tuesday.  I also got hired (thank you, Megan!) for a photoshoot at the University of Texas for a brochure on a new building just completed.  Work will begin on that this week.

Brian continues to amaze me at his new role as primary caretaker for the kids while I shoot, edit, audition, meet with clients, etc.  We still feel a little bad about the role-reversal -meaning we both feel like we're slacking on our duties, me as a wife and mother, he as a provider- but, honestly, we both happier in our new roles!  We keep checking back in every month or so to see if we're still okay with this switch and we always end up surprised and delighted that, YES!, we're both content!  Both of us feel like we're playing all day (well, sometimes it's playing "war" with Wilder, but peace treaties come in the form of chocolate and we just brush his teeth a lot.)  Ha.  Anyway, life here is pretty darn cool and very sweet.  And I'm the luckiest lady I know having such a rockin' family.  *Sigh* I love my peoples.

Happy New Year's Eve Eve!

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Anonymous said...

"Oh Gosss! Oh Gosss! WOW!!"
-----"Oh Gosss! Oh Gosss! WOW!!"
"Oh Gosss! Oh Gosss! WOW!!"

It must have been so so fun!
Love to all of you, Mama


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