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Saturday, June 20, 2009


Crystal and I took all but one of the kids on a drive to Seward -mainly so that they'd all get naps in. Eating our picnic lunch "downtown" we had fun playing on the playground and taking a quick tour of the candy store, "Sweet Darlings," where we saw them make their famous homemade taffy.

Wilder and Aravis were stroller buddies.
Timmy, Wesley and Kaeli.
At Sweet Darlings watching the Taffy Masters at work.

Seward, Alaska.
Kaeli and Hannah have had so much fun playing at Ms. Gwen's house and have had several slumber parties over there with Wilder and I. Gwen's hospitality knows no bounds, nor does her graciousness. She has given Hannah several piano lessons as the girls have been over to play and it's so fun hearing and seeing her great progress under Gwen's tutelage.
I haven't been able to take many photos since it's been so busy, but I wanted to share a few that I did have. Seeing these pictures one would think we're having a rather grand Alaskan adventure -and we are trying to squeeze in some fun things, so that isn't a total fib. But honestly this is exhausting for everyone -kids and adults alike. This afternoon is Kody's memorial service. Crystal and George have had to shoulder nearly every detail and tie up all the loose ends. George will be doing the service with a little help from Trinity Presbyterian's pastor, Tammy Letts. Crystal and I are singing and Gwen Colliander is accompanying. We've done all the flower arrangements and will set up the memorial table as well as the memory book Crystal put together for folks to sign and then give to Darla and Kelly as a keepsake. It's been getting sadder as the days go by but I believe with the service today and the gathering of friends and family the closure will help relieve some of the extra stress and George and Crystal can finally get out of survival mode and begin to grieve.

I have to say, in a small way I am glad to be able to sing again with Crystal at Trinity. We grew up singing duets there at church and now that we're far apart we rarely get to sing together. So that's one thing I am very thankful for, as nerve racking and emotionally overwhelming as it will be singing for Kody's memorial service.

We're scheduled to leave Alaska on Wednesday; Mr. King will fly us down to San Diego. I booked a ticket for Friday afternoon so that Brian could pick us up that night. I can't wait to be home again and be a family. Brian has been so gracious and patient as our travel plans have changed so much. We'll be home soon, Honey. I can't wait to hand Wilder off to you so you two can have some quality time and I can get some rest.

Thank you, again, for keeping the King family in your thoughts and prayers. They are so greatly needed and appreciated.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the photos and update on how things are going. My prayers continue and I miss you all. Love, Mama


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