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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Last Day in Escondido

On our last day in Escondido the ladies finally went out on a "girl date." We exhausted Target and made a restful and nutritious stop at Jamba Juice. I think that will be my pregnancy indulgence. I loved their mango drink thing; totally yummy.

After Crystal whipped up lunch like a wizard as soon as we got home she orchestrated a tea and early birthday party for me. Isn't she wonderful?!
Not sure why Zaccai looks like he has a toothache, but I think he was just playing it cool. Wesley and Hannah enjoying their tea delights.
Aravis and Crystal.
Par-Tea on!
I received body lotion and bubble bath of a fragrance Crystal had been sporting earlier that had made me want to gobble her up. Grapefruit and Orange Blossom, I believe it is. It smells just like (well, better, actually) the Satsuma Orange the Body Shop carries which I've always loved. Plus she got me two delicious and beautiful candles and matching reusable tote bag. It was a wonderful early birthday.
Wilder learning a little refinement.
And he likes it!
Wilder and Hannah.
Saying goodbye at the airport. It's never fun. Even though I had nearly a month with this wonderful, energetic crew and I was glad to be headed home, I had to have a good cry before we loaded in the van for the airport. I love this family so much and I hope that we get to have another visit together soon! Hugs and Kisses to all of you! Love, Aunt Jo and Wiley

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