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Monday, June 29, 2009

Making a Comeback

Before I left for my California/Alaska adventure I was on track with my exercise and shooting pretty straight when it came to my nutrition. This past month, though, I've gone on a handful of walks and started stress eating. Now that I'm back home I'm starting to work my way back to physical fitness with the very doable goal of running 2 miles regularly and walking 3-4 miles on off days. But I have to share with you what happened last week that has refreshed and renewed me.

My sister, Crystal, has been doing the Prism Program for the past 2 months. It combines learning a healthy lifestyle along with attacking food addictions at their root. It helps people realize their true self worth through the eyes of God and bring healing to the areas and voids they have been filling unsuccessfully with food. She's already lost 20 pounds and is going strong. The main things the Prism program cuts out are sugars and wheat (though later they introduce whole grains.) When Crystal told me about the program I balked, how could anyone give up wheat?! AND sugar?! I understand if you're a diabetic with a gluten allergy, but it seemed like overkill to me. I'll fast forward so I do ramble on too much...

In Alaska I met another gal, Beth, who was wheat, sugar AND dairy free. She was staying with the folks Wilder and I stayed with for over a week and I got to see the fun, healthy and tasty options she'd make for her meals. Both Crystal and Beth made delicious foods that were big on flavor and nutrition. Finally, the day before we left Alaska, I decided to try being wheat and sugar free. The first three days were the hardest, but I realized that there was SO much I could eat. My energy level is higher than it's been since I can remember and I never feel like I'm depriving myself. The wheat I used to eat -toast, pasta, noodle-noodle soup- were empty calories and filler that made me feel temporarily full and over stuffed. I just feel healthier now!

I'm not counting calories and I'm not dieting. I'm obsessed with cheese and am getting plenty of protein. Eating fresher foods is creating quiet an adventure in our kitchen as I am on the jumping off point of exploring new foods and ways of cooking. It's pretty darn fun and, man, is it delicious!

I know I won't be wheat free forever. I like a fad or a diversion every now and again and this is definitely doing it for me right now. I'm a firm believer in "everything in moderation" so I'll be eating cereal and toast, baking cookies and treats and homemade bread eventually. But after being so stressed and not taking care of my body the past month I am very happy to feel so refreshed and healthy now. Thank you, Crystal, for all your wonderful ideas, tips, cooking and the example of your dedication. You rock.

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Roccy said...

You always inspire me!


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