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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Land of the Midnight Sun

The endless hours of daylight of Alaskan summers are certainly energizing. If only we weren't sick and able to enjoy the countless fun evening activities. But sleep is good and rest is necessary. Wilder and I are battling colds, but still enjoying catching up with people and seeing The Last Frontier.

Tomorrow marks rehearsal day for the wedding. Erica is holding it all together beautifully and it's easy to see everyone is thoroughly enjoying celebrating such a wonderful woman, man and soon to be couple. It's a match made in heaven, to say the least.

Crystal and Aravis arrive tomorrow evening and we head over to the Murrow's house for the remainder of our visit. It has been a sheer delight getting to stay and visit with the Pichons. I am so thankful for their generosity -so thankful that we gave them the gift of our colds. Sorry Wayne and Barb! But seriously, I am so grateful to them and have loved our times of chatting, dining and playing.

So, what have we been up to? Monday we had a lunch date with Rhonda Schlereth, MaryAnne Southam and her grandbaby Hazel. Fabulous time! We later drove to Girdwood so Wilder could take a nap and I could see familiar sights (one of my favorite drives.) Then we dined with the famous Mr. and Mrs. Whitekeys and had a jolly old time!

Tuesday we had a leisurely morning then drove out to Chugiak for lunch with the Murrows. Finally got to meet their lovely grandbaby, Gabe, and daughter-in-law, Kristen. It was an absolute pleasure as Gina dished out her well-know and loved hospitality. Plus the visit wouldn't be complete without sharing a cup of tea and chatting in their cozy living room. It was so fun seeing Gina's art studio and several of her masterful painted scarves . Later in the evening we popped in for a bit of Erica's bachelorette party at her sister's house, but had to skedaddle to put my sick boy to bed.

Wednesday I had a pregnancy meltdown (ahem) and what was supposed to be breakfast with Erica and a few of the girls at her house turned out to be a quick drop off of a dozen bagels, then Wilder (who had his meltdown first) and I zipped back in the car and I decided to drive to Seward. As you do. Man, am I glad I made that choice. We had an awesome day! Wilder napped heavily there and back and we had spectacular weather -I can't wait to share the pictures. He got to paddle his little feet in the ocean waves and loved throwing fistfuls of shale and rocks as the water lapped the shore. We dined with the Pichons and enjoyed a very chill evening at home.

Today we got to visit my Aunt Jean and her son Daniel! We arrived mid-morning and the guys hung out and played around the house as Jean and I started catching up on news. It was so good to be with her again. Just driving to her house I felt such a sense of peace and comfort. Thank you, Jean! Later we joined Whitekeys and Judith on a terrific walk on the coastal trail. I got to see the man in action, binoculars in hand, birding! Hooray! I sure love those guys. Then we popped over to the Collianders for a BBQ, but -again- had to leave soon after to get Wilder to bed. It was fun seeing some faces I hadn't seen in years and am glad we got to stay as long as we did.

So, it's bedtime, but I wanted to do a virtual recap of what's been happening Up North. I am still feeling great, no morning sickness, and can feel that little pook starting to stick out a bit. I know the Doc will tell me it's just bloating from weird digestion that happens in pregnancy, but it's still because of the baby so I think of it as my Honey Bun. I'm still trying to make healthy choices (though I did have a MickeyD's sundae tonight) and have been basically succeeding. Hooray!

More adventures to come! Hold on to your hats and glasses, folks, cause Crystal is coming to town and the party is just getting started!

PS: I love you, Brian. Wiley and I miss you! I'll bring home some Silverhook coffee :)

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