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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Farewell Alaska

A very quick update on our travels.  A beautiful wedding, many wonderful visits with terrific friends, fantastic photos waiting to be shared and some fun stories, too.  But for now I'm off to bed to get good rest for our day of travel back to California with Crystal and Aravis.

George has survived watching all of their children (minus the tiniest, of course) and Brian has managed not to kill the dog despite super long runs in the heat of Texas evenings.  Both Crystal and I are looking forward to returning to our families and we've had a terrific, action-packed, social-filled visit here in the Last Frontier.

Alaska has made a man out of Wilder.  Thanks to my Aunt Jean, a dental hygienist, Wilder is no longer being lulled to sleep with his bottle -and he's brushing his teeth regularly (with a little help and wrestling.)  But the super big news is.... Bye Bye Binki!  Sunday morning we lost Wilder's binki.  I was in tears, "How are we going to manage?!  We're going to church and he won't have a pacifier!"  Somehow he pulled through.  The past three days without his faithful plug have been no fussier than usual and though bedtime may have a few seconds longer of protestation (whether it's because of no bottle or no binki or both is unknown) he has been doing great and we will not reintroduce Binki to him.  Better start gathering and hiding all the stray ones around the house, Honey.

So I'm off to slumber soundly and conquer the morning's chores of tidying and packing.  It's been a great visit and, Brian, thank you so much for allowing Wilder and I to go on this very special trip.   I wish you had been with us, but know that someday we'll have more great adventures Up North all together.

See you soon!

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