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Friday, July 16, 2010

Embracing A New Life

On the last leg of our roadtrip we arrived in Georgetown at 1am, so technically that makes it Thursday. Brian decided that since we'd be arriving in Junction rather late, why not press on to Georgetown if the kids and I would already be asleep as he drove. Unfortunately hardly anybody slept, but the kids were ready to rack out as soon as we arrived at Eastview RV Ranch, just 3 min. from our home (that will soon be on the market.)

What fun looks like.

Yesterday was spent getting settled, doing paperwork, much needed laundry and a grocery run. Wilder kept begging to go play with the kids toys by the swing set and, after we moved to a more permanent spot, the piles of rocks and dirt across from us where they are putting in several additional RV spots.

Tellin' ya all about it.

Right as our first hot dinner in the RV was ready to dish up, Wilder got bit by 2 fire ants and it wasn't pretty. After a quick bath and some soothing, he immediately requested to go back outside and play in the dirt. Really?! You just got bit and cried the loudest I've ever heard -and you want to go BACK?! Hm....

Just when Wilder was screaming bloody murder from the ant mishap, the owner came by to welcome us -and kindly but firmly requested we keep him out of the construction area. He said he's got his rock right where he wants them and didn't need Wilder's assistance. Good luck to me keeping him away from there! Not sure how THAT'S going to happen.

Baby fish mouth

Kitchen stocked, clothes and linens washed, pantry finally in some kind of order -I'm ready to send Brian off on his National Guard duty this weekend and get back to work while the kids are sleeping. We loved our visit with the Kings and I cherish the time we've had together -Wilder has asked several times for Uncle George and very often to go see the kids. Soon, I hope. But being in one place for the next month as we prepare the house to go on the market, I'm thankful for the time to breathe and get situated. We've been though so many changes in a few short months, a little rest, or at least regularity, is just what we need.

The wee ones are finally napping so I better get to work.

*Sigh* Welcome to our new life!

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Anonymous said...

Welcome to your new digs. A month to fine tune a routine and settle some buisness.

I'm so glad you and the King's could be together - wonderful pictures.

Sending our love ~ Mama


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