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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Texas Bound

Ha! Once upon a time (like the day before we hit the road) we thought it'd take us 2 days to travel from Georgetown, TX to Escondido, CA. Well, not with a tow-trailer, two small kiddos and a meticulous husband. We took 3 days to get to Southern California and now our return trip is taking 4 days. And ain't that just the way life is? Never exactly what you expect.

(A note of the meticulous husband: I would be terrible at being in charge of the trailer, but Brian is a super star. Thanks to his methodical character and thoroughness, we've barely lost anything on our cross-country trip and I always feel safe and secure. Now, if I was in charge of the RV... disaster and major frustration. I can't even get out the door without forgetting something on a simple trip to the grocery store.)

In Escondido, CA we stayed at All Seasons RV Park and met some lovely folks. The landscaping was excellent -thanks to Sylvia, who's been caring for the beautiful gardens since 1984. They had a great pool, hot tub, modest but adequate playground and fabulous bath and shower rooms. The road noise was a bit bothersome, being sandwiched between the highway and a road with quite a few trucks, and it was pretty packed as most folks are full-timers but all things considered, we'd stay there again (and probably will!) Another great perk was the convenience and liquor store at the park which made getting a fresh gallon of milk a 3 minute round trip instead of 30 min.

A note for anyone contemplating visiting the San Marcos, CA Costco in an RV: don't do it. At least if you're towing a 32' trailer. I won't go into detail, but we had 30 minutes of hell trying to get out of the parking lot (and half a dozen strangers offering their expert advice as to how Brian should maneuver, as well as a few mad, vocal drivers.) Anywho, we exited Costco and hit the road back to Texas.

-Sand dunes near the border of CA and AZ. Cruddy picture, but what a site to see! I kept waiting for C3PO and R2D2 to come over the mounds.

Our first stay was at Yuma Lakes RV Park in Yuma, AZ. We intended to go the KOA site, but apparently they got bought out and never bothered to update the KOA national catalogue. We had the pool all to ourselves that night and Wilder watched the planes fly over head with great delight as we ate a late dinner outside our RV under a blanket of stars. It truly felt like vacation!

Yuma Lakes RV Park was near a massive watermelon patch. I had never seen one before and was fascinated!




Arizona looking very Southwestern. Loved the cacti!


Last night we made it to Las Cruces, NM and stayed at the Las Cruces KOA Campground. Friendly staff, well kept grounds and a ridiculously MARVELOUS view! Set on a hilltop, we had a stunning view of the crescent of mountains surrounding the city and the lights in the evening were simply beautiful. The brochure boasted romantic views and they didn't lie. Nestled at the foot of the mountains, this is a place we'd really like to spend some significant time at. Florida, Virginia, New Mexico -the list is starting to grow!



A hint of the view that we loved.


We finally got Wilder his own mini-DVD player so I have my laptop back. The only problem is he now gets tired of movies after 15 minutes and I'm constantly swapping out DVDs for him. Heck, it's better than the alternative, though, which we experienced on our roadtrip to the East Coast this spring and our drive to CA. Thank you, technology!


Wilder continues to be obsessed with rocks and dirt. Nothing makes him happier than finding a good pile of stones to through at trees, bushes or poles. He gets SUCH a kick out of it, laughing maniacally as he's covered from head to toe in dust, chucking fistfuls of gravel for hours.


Waverley is a rolling fiend. There's not a whole lot of floor space in the RV and even less carpeted area, so it doesn't take her long (oh, 30 seconds) to roll, roll, roll from one end to the other. She's like an omelette that constantly needs flipped. Full of smiles and giggles 75% of the time, she's developing a distinct personality with likes and dislikes. Likes being sung to, dislikes her car seat. Likes being held, dislikes quiet time. Likes Wilder. A lot. And he likes to try wrestling her, which I dislike. Wait a year or two, Dude, then have at it.

The kids picked up colds and I've been spending most of the night sharing Wilder's bunk and settling crying children back to sleep. I'm exhausted, but I'm still happy -and thankful. I love my family and I love being with them. I'm praying for an extra heaping helping of patience today, though, as I'll be doing more backseat entertainment, soothing and wonder working to keep tiny people as happy as possible.

We're planning on staying at the KOA in Junction, TX and will definitely take time to say hello to the ducks again! More news from the road, so stay tuned!

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