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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Road to Escondido

Laptop, coffee, baby in my lap, and a chilly morning in Escondido waiting to get this crew loaded up and rolling over to my sister's house so we can get this party started. We're staying at the All Seasons RV park just north of town, right off I-15 and Brian's already become chummy with the neighbors. At Berry Springs RV Park in Georgetown our neighbors were from Fairbanks, Alaska. Now here, our neighbors are from Dallas, Texas. Funny, that.

We had safe travels and discovered Wilder likes Dairy Queen's cheese sandwiches. We went through 3 or 4 border patrol checkpoints, and we saw mountains, rock fields and mounds and sand dunes. This country is amazing -I love the United States!

Time to get the troops moving -we got things to do, people to see!

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