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Thursday, July 29, 2010

These RV Few of My Favorite Things

We've been livin' the full-time RV life for nearly 1 month and in this time we've discovered a few favorites.

Clothing: Wilder loves his swim trunks. Brian likes his running shorts. Waverley doesn't care. And I love my black tank from The Gap and my black Royal Robbins travel skirt. Accessorize with scarves, necklaces and earrings, of course. Lots of fun!

Dining: Edamame. My microwave cooking and steaming bowl from Pampered Chef (totally necessary.) Plastic microwavable plates from WalMart (found in the Microwave and CrockPot section.) Speaking of... 4 qt. CrockPot (thanks, Brian. Killer pot roast last night. Can't wait to do chicken and baby back ribs! Not together, of course.) Thick plastic tumblers from WalMart, perfect for everything from wine to hot tea. And Wilder loves cookies -he's a monster; a cookie monster. And cheese. We're becoming cheese-a-holics. An intervention may be necessary.

Cleaning: One thing and one thing alone has been my go-to cleaning solution -Antibacterial Cleaning Scrub Wipes from Costco, Kirkland brand. All thanks to my fabulous sister, Crystal. These puppies handle everything from bathroom to kitchen and the two feet in between. Oh, scrubby wipes, I adore you and your fresh citrus scent!

Entertainment: Wilder prefers rocks and his case logic full of kid DVDs. And "White Christmas" -but only the first 10 minutes, then 'On the the next!' Brian would rather read (if we could leave him alone long enough to do so.) Waverley enjoys exploring Wilder's toys until he runs over, grabs them and insists, "No! Share!! Share!!" and grabs them all back. Me? Ha! The Laptop and watching movies with Wilder. Oooooooh, and PBS. YESSSSSSSSS.... Beautiful, sweet PBS (but only the Create channel during the week and the regular channel for Saturday and Sunday evenings when the British shows are on. I've even got Brian hooked. SCORE!)

For now that's our list of must-have's. We'll see what month two brings and how the list evolves. The pillow calls....zzzZZZZzzzzzzZzzzzZZzzZZZzzzzz....

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