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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Granger and Bartlett, Texas -a family drive

granger 1

Welcome to Granger, TX. This is what our life is about -exploration. After a family walk this morning, work in the afternoon, we were ready for a new experience this evening and headed out on the road -today it was Granger and Bartlet, Texas.

granger 3

granger 4

granger 5

I loved the Alamo Hotel. Who wants an adventure?! I'm up for it! It would surely make a good blog post!

granger 7

granger 8

granger 9
Furniture. Undertaking. Wall Paper.

granger 10

Deere John,....

granger 11

Okay, wait, wait, wait. I thought that this kind of photography was playing hooky. Until today. As we're realizing our new lifestyle and -most importantly- living it, I came to an important conclusion that this was really part of my job. But not just my job -this was why we started this lifestyle in the first place! Exploration, newness, seeing the world -this was the stuff of our new lifestyle and I am beginning to capture our new life -our love.

granger 12

granger 13

granger 14

granger 15

Welcome to Bartlet, TX! I had an infatuation with their historic main street's doors.

granger 16

granger 17

granger 18

Doors like pie. Hmmmmm to yummmm.

granger 19

The Secret Garden.

granger 20

granger 21

granger 23

I saw this place and immediately thought that I wanted to buy or rent this section in Bartlett. Chance of that happening? Slim to none, but it's still an inspiring building, doncha think?

granger 24

Ah, the doors of Bartlett. Just one of the many.

granger 25

Who doesn't love retro murals? Really? They are so fabulous.

granger 23

granger 27

I loved these colors. Muted blue with a rich, dark red. The tapestry in the windows were perfectly chosen. I wanted this building, too.

granger 28

Oh, the chairs. The chairs of Bartlett. Who wouldn't love imagining the conversations that happened on this string of chairs outside this long abandoned shop?

granger 29

granger 30


granger 31


granger 32

A refreshing coke awaited us back at the RV. And a terrific line up of great shows on PBS. I love British TV on PBS -and Brian's becoming a believer, too.
I'm in heaven!

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Anonymous said...

You share your life as well as your soul - truly a beautiful thing.
My love, Mama


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