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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What's New?

It's been a heck of a long time since I've blogged about what the kids are up to. I've got a few minutes and I'm dying to share.

Wilder has always had a mind of his own, been his own man, highly independent, a real pain the butt... I jest (a little.) Lately he's been doing something that TOTALLY cracks me up, but is rather naughty. An example: He's outside playing and he's not ready to come inside. I ask him to join me. He begins to walk away and in a sweet sing-songy voice says, "Bye! Bye!" with a delighted smile and half a smirk. Grrrhhhh! But how can I not laugh?! It's disobeying in the cutest way.

He's also at the stage of running to me every time he gets any kind of boo-boo. For such an independent little guy seeking comfort from Mama, I rather adored getting to cuddle him. It's been, oh, nearly 2 years since I got to cuddle him, so I've been liking this. Brian hasn't. Highly annoyed that he's starting to call for Mama when Papa lays down the law or when he gets a bump, he's ready to help Wilder move past his attention-getting methods. I agree.... but I wanna cuddle :) I'll find other ways, I'm sure. Wilder is starting to sit on our laps for a few minutes while he watches a movie, so that is lovely for me.

Nothing makes Miss Waverley laugh like her brother. It's phenomenal seeing the bond they share already. He loves to "wrestle" her -more like roll around and sometimes on top of her- and though we keep reminding him to be soft to "Sissy" and stay off her, she still loves it (unless she accidentally gets bonked in the head.)

Waverley is scooting around like mad and Brian said she just crawled across the floor today! Six months old tomorrow and our little girl is such an amazing little person already. She continues to be a pure ray of sunshine, charming everyone who meets her. I call her "The Sweetness" 'cause that's what she is.

Wilder's current favorite movies are "Robots" and "White Christmas," the latter of which makes me a very happy lady. Waverley's name was largely inspired by the film (though a different spelling) and it's been a family favorite since I was in high school. The song "Sisters" is a favorite for Crystal and I and we've often performed it together.

Photos to come soon, I hope. Still catching up on work and I've a wedding to shoot on Friday, so we'll see how soon I can get an update on here.

In the meantime, we're doing well and continue loving our new lifestyle! Getting to be together is the best!

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