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Sunday, September 19, 2010

100 Miles A Month: September Update

It's September 19th and I am 48 miles into my 100 for the month. To conquer I will have to squeeze in at least 5 miles a day for the next 10 days. Can I do it? Heck yeah. If something happens and I'm not able to? Oh well. At least it got me outside a lot!

I haven't been running as much, though still trying to clock in the miles. We have a single jogging stroller, so when Waverley is up I'll strap her in the Baby Bjorn and "hike" while pushing Wilder. Sometimes I'll reverse it and put Wilder in the kid carrier backpack -man, that whips my calves! We've gone on a few family runs with two strollers. Having Brian as a running buddy keeps me running longer, faster and further and I've really enjoyed our times out as a family.

Although I haven't pushed my running, toting around a 20 lb. baby is a pretty good workout. Today I took the kids to San Gabriel Park and knocked out 5 miles while carrying Waverley. That was definitely challenging, but SO wonderful to be back on one of my favorite trails. The flood damage was extensive and we (I) had to wade through ankle deep water that rushed over one of the lower bridges; I welcomed the refreshing, cool water even though it did make my work out rather soggy.

Mist hovered over the river and the higher water level made the music of the San Gabriel enchanting. The morning was humid, as usual, but the air that swept off the surface of the water gave a sweet, cool occasional breeze. It felt like an appetizer, enticing me to kick off my soggy sneakers and dive right in to it's unusually swift waters. The trail had been cleared, but all the fallen trees and debris created make-shift barricades along the path. Some of the asphalt was entirely swept away which gave us a real "off-road" experience, but for the most part the beautiful path through such lovely woods was in tact.

I'll be heading back to the San Gabriel to knock out most of my remaining miles since our neighborhood is rather limited in length. I've been squeezing out 3-4 miles here, but am bored with the routes and want to be away from all the vehicles and houses. After doing 100 miles a month, it makes continuing to exercise easy and fun in the following months. Focusing on endurance and commitment this month allows me to maintain cardio and focus on strength next month. I've still never made my goal of eeking out 1 pull up, maybe that can be October's goal. We'll see. I'd like to get in shape for a half marathon, but I'm about 8-10 miles shy of being ready. I am so thankful for good health and fine weather that allow me to reach for these goals!

With 48 miles under my belt (or my running shoes, really) how do I feel and what progress have I seen? I feel great and I'm fitting in my pre-pregnancy clothes much better. Getting in shape post-pregnancy, the first thing is to get rid of that baby fat, which I'm almost there. Next is to tone up and I look forward to creative workouts inspired or lead by Brian to help me get that part taken care of starting next month.

Gym membership? We'd talked about getting a family pass to the Rec center, but when it comes down to it neither of us like working out indoors, even in the heat of summer. When it gets chilly I'll workout in the evening or mid-afternoon when the temp is at it's peak. In the hot months, you just get up earlier and knock it out. Being outdoors is wonderful! I wouldn't mind doing a few classes indoors, like kickboxing or spinning, but I'll get more workouts in -and better workouts- if I stick to the outdoors.

52 miles, you'll soon be a memory. I'm gonna walk (or run) all over you!

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I AM JOE PESCI said...

I totally agree about indoor workouts. Outdoors is the way to go!


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