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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tebaliah & Danny's Wedding

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Tebaliah and Danny married in The Butterfly Garden outside the Georgetown Community Center, where they had their reception, at the beginning of August. It was such a family affair, so full of love and fun and a beautiful sense of togetherness and community. Tebaliah's nephew, Glaive, rocked the dance floor with his stellar skills and we all nearly caught on fire with the spectacular sky lanterns (which were tethered to the ground, per the fire chief.) Quite a fun, fun, fun time! And check out the orchids -she picked such an elegant set of colors that were full of life!

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I'm a sucker for fountain/water shots. Ya gotta love all the elements here -flowers/earth, water, sun -aahhhhh.... it's wonderful being outdoors. (Except for the heat. The heat stinks; it was ridiculously hot that day, too. But -welcome to Texas.)

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