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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Allison & Adam's Wedding


Allison and Adam got married last month at St. Williams Catholic Church in Round Rock, TX.  And I got to be there doing what I love and loving what I do!  Here are some of my favorite shots so far -I've still got the reception to edit and can't wait for you to see those final shots!  It was SUCH a fun and beautiful wedding celebration.


"I Do" on the bottom of the bride's shoes.  How fun is that?!



The groom and his dad.  Such a beautiful moment.



AllAda 31 on-01-5
It's showtime!

AllAda 31 on-01-7

AllAda 31 on-01-8

AllAda 31 on-01-9

AllAda 31 on-01-12

AllAda 31 on-01-22

AllAda 31 on-01-23

AllAda 31 on-01-24

AllAda 31 on-01-34

AllAda 31 on-01-36
Oh, hooray, hooray!

AllAda 32-01-12
I just love this one.  Love it!

AllAda 32-01-14

AllAda 32-01-15

AllAda 32-01-19
I'm ALL about this shot!  That just screams, "CELEBRATE!" to me.

AllAda 32-01-23
Aaaaaah, I've got to get those candid feet pictures.  Don't you just love how the bouquet was set and the guys accidentally ending up curved around it?

AllAda 32-01-24

AllAda 32-01-25
"Tada!"  The groom's little brother I nicknamed "Handsome."  Oh, the glee in this shot!

AllAda 32-01-26
A soft, classic feel.

AllAda 32-01-27
This one makes me swoon.  Seriously.  She's so elegant and the love is overflowing here.

AllAda 32-01-28

AllAda 32-01-29

Want to see more?  Visit their custom photo site I made and see what a full wedding edit looks like!

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