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Thursday, September 30, 2010

They Married, They Partied, and... The End.

AllAda 33-0602
Some of my favorite shots from the last batch of edits of Allison & Adam's wedding that I really wanted to share with you.

AllAda 33-0629
Walking down to throw the first pitch for the women's softball game at The Dell Diamond.

AllAda 33-0661
Photo with the famous Jennie Fitch.

AllAda 33-0686

AllAda 33-0697

AllAda 33-0713

AllAda 33-0717
Signed by Jennie Fitch and the girls.

AllAda 34-0054
And a few more of my favorites from the rest of the celebration!

AllAda 34-0148

AllAda 34-0293
Dancing with her new father-in-law.

AllAda 34-0299
The money Adam raked in for the Honeymoon dance(s.)  They keep playing until there are no more takers.  I think he won by just one dollar.

AllAda 34-0356
Allison and her grandmother.  Very precious.

AllAda 34-0407
How can you not love that?  Cousins.  *Too cute.*

AllAda 34-0501
Dressing up for the photobooth!

AllAda 34-0057
Goodbye, shoes.

AllAda 34-0129

AllAda 34-0169
I love this.  Technology at work through generations.

AllAda 34-0290
Party time!

AllAda 34-0330

AllAda 34-0553

AllAda 34-0646
It was SO hard -SO HARD- not to jump on the dance floor and get jiggy with the rest of the bunch.  But thankfully I did my job and I got some fun shots of folks gettin' down with their bad selves.  Too fun!

AllAda 34-0009
Yes, it did actually end.  And here are the final shots to prove that I'm not still there partying with all those fabulous folks.

AllAda 34-0018

AllAda 34-0028
Birdseed shower!

AllAda 34-0042

AllAda 34-0048

AllAda 34-0056
The End.

Check out all their edited pictures at their custom wedding photo site!

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