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Sunday, March 8, 2009


Pardon me while I flip out.

Brian supposedly left Iraq for Kuwait (and then for the U.S.) yesterday, but I haven't heard from him yet. Therefore I can safely suppose one of several scenarios.

A) Brian indeed left Iraq and is in Kuwait
1) where he was whisked on to a commercial flight and is, at this very minute, making his 30 hour journey home.
2) where he is sitting on the tarmac with a few hundred other soldiers, waiting up to three days for his flight out of there. And unable to get to a phone.

B) Brian did not leave Iraq; after arriving at the Baghdad airport he was told there was a slight delay. They have no idea when the plane will be ready and he can't get to a phone or a computer.

Last deployment when Brian was in Kuwait -just a few hours before boarding his plane for home- he and his guys were turned around and sent back to Iraq for four months. It was DEVASTATING. Part of why I am having such a difficult time with waiting and not knowing when exactly Brian is coming home is because, as all military wives know, ANYTHING is possible in the Army -particularly anything REALLY, REALLY crappy. Did you know that on Mother's Day on every Army fort in America they play "I Never Promised You A Rose Garden" over the loud speakers? Okay, so they don't really -but they should.

Personally I would greatly enjoy being sedated and someone watching Wilder until, oh, eight hours before Brian's flight comes in -whenever that is... Just enough time to vacuum again, clean the dishes, sweep the floor and get myself pretty. It's just a wee bit hard to breath, properly digest my food, not eat everything in the house, and go about life as normal.

Yes, yes, I know this time will pass, but it's not very fun. At all.

Honey, come home -fast!

We love you!


Anonymous said...

Hang in there-the last few hours are the WORST!

I didn't hear from Paul in Kuwait, either. All of a sudden I got the callout he was going to be at the airport at that was that. Each post does things differently, same as each deployment. His layover in Kuwait may be just minutes instead of hours.

Have a Happy Reunion!!

Kelly Cameron said...

Thanks, Cherie. I hope that's the case -that he's on his way over and not stuck or delayed. I hate these knots in my belly...

Yes, we shall have a very happy reunion. I can't wait to have my BFF back!

Brian said...

Yeah, so I'm still stuck here in Baghdad and have been since the 6th when they flew us up to Baghdad International. Every day we get ready to fly out and then they tell us no flights are available. Not sure what the dealio is, but I'm getting pretty restless. Would you believe I went to the gym three separate times today? And I'm on my fourth paperback in three days.

Ironically, they have us bivouacked at Camp Stryker (the place we stayed during our tour extension last time. (But no, no worries about one this time around.) However, it's changed so much in the past two years that it took me awhile to find all the MWR stuff.

Sorry that they're jacking us around like this hon. But just have patience, the end will come. And like Cherie said, once we finally hit Kuwait the rest should be short and sweet.

I love you, (and the Wileyman)


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