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Thursday, March 5, 2009


I have only participated in a Swap group once before, but it was such a fun experience I'd love to do it again!

Here is my proposition:
-A monthly swap
-New theme each month
-Mainly use items you already have or things you hand/home make
-Be creative, share creative ideas, inspire others through your swappage (though no need to be a "crafty" person)
-$10 out of pocket cap, though no need to spend any money at all except for shipping
-4 month commitment (though we can go longer if we decide to!)

Sound fun? I think so! Email me or post a comment and let's get a group started! (March 18th deadline for an April start.)


KKurz said...

As a responsible and conscientious new mom who gathers parenting advice primarily through the internet (yikes!?!), I happened upon your blog several months ago when I googled "is it safe to mow the lawn with my baby in a front carrier?". You should be proud to know that your blog was the #1 hit. I was so entertained that I bookmarked your blog and have continued to check in on occasion. If you're up for including random audience members in your swap, I'd love to take part!
Katie - Illinois

Kelly Cameron said...

Dear Katie,
Thank you so much! I am delighted that you have enjoyed my zany rantings and sporadic posts. It would be an honor to have you join in the swap! I'll keep you posted as other gals join and we form a group. Thrilled to have you on board!


Anonymous said...

If my world wasn't going to dramatically change in the next few weeks I would so be down for this!


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