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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

FauxReos. They're Delicious.

A tribute to the Oreo knock off: the FauxReo. Ah, I do love a good, fake Oreo cookie. Enjoy it with coffee or the classic tall glass of milk; they're good any way you munch them.

With "that time of the month" (and yes, it happens to be mine) comes a collection of naughty necessities to get a woman through the week. Chocolate in various forms usually does the trick, and most recently for me these little parcels of sanity come in the form of fauxreos. I highly recommend having some on hand, yet kept out of sight, otherwise they'll be gone faster than a bag of chips with a gaggle of teenagers.

PS: Okay, I just did a little google search. Other people are apparently as brilliant as I am -I didn't make this word up as I early had supposed. Here are a few links to prove that FauxReos are a well-acknowledged entity! Hooray! Check this one, that one, and this other one. I love America (and FauxReos, too.)

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