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Monday, March 9, 2009

Goody, Goody

The Book Exchange party I had on Saturday was delicious, as well as fun -thank you so much to those lovely ladies who were able to make it! As promised, I made some edible delights and I'm proud to say all three were recipes I'd never tried.

Individual cheescakes with graham cracker crusts, topped with cherry pie filling. Sheer brilliance. As Brian is a cheesecake lover and I am a lover of Brian I am sure these puppies have a permanent spot in my cooking repertoire now.

The peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate are gluten free (with one of my dear friends in mind) and simply scrumptious. I altered the recipe a bit (see link for original) and they still turned out excellent.
Another variation on the classic toffee bar. I added instant coffee granules and a bit of water to the sweetened condensed milk while it was boiling. Topped with melted chocolate pieces instead of the no-cook fudge frosting.

It was a rather delicious affair with wonderful women and yummy treats. I hope you try some of these recipes -they are downright awesome.


Roccy said...

I am drooling. That cheesecake one looks and sounds delicious. Actually they all do.

Glad the book exchange was a success!!

Anonymous said...

You are amazing, Kelly. Yum-m-m-m-m-y!!! Save some for MiMa. If I was in your stressful situation right now, I would have already eaten all of those beautiful goodies. :D Happy, happy, joy, joy! He's almost home. Can't wait.


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