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Monday, March 30, 2009

Central Texas Hikers

Sunday we packed up and headed out to the Williamson County Regional Park for a trek in the woods. Brian loaded up a backpack with a ridiculous amount of weights (I'd say the equivalent of a 9 year old child) in training for all the ruck marches he'll be doing when he tries for Special Forces later this year. I carried Wilder in our fabulous craigslist find of a child backpack and, with Savannah in tow (more like in the lead,) we blazed through the new trail.

The unceremonious entry to the peaceful Nature Trail.

It ain't Alaska, but getting out in nature has the same effect: invigorating, inspiring, incredible. We loved it.
This is where Brian left me after he got sick of hearing me thrill on and on about how happy I was to be hiking again as a family. Okay, so he didn't leave me (his pack was too heavy to run away.) Really it's us connecting back to the main road, heading to the parking lot.
Tada! It was a fun adventure that took us driving through some beautiful areas and walking through neat Texas flora. We're planning a trip to Colorado next month and can't wait to hike in the mountains again. For now, we're training up and finding new trails and treasures where we live. Oh, and as a note- I have decided that the term "hiking" can be assigned to any outing where you walk outside AS LONG AS you are wearing a backpack. So kids hike to the bus stop, hike to their lockers between classes, and I hike a very pedestrian trail with no change in altitude. Walking + Backpack = Hiking.


Anonymous said...

I like your math! -pretty fun-

Love you 3 :) Mama

Roccy said...

You get to go to Colorado? And hike there?

I am GREEN with envy. Take lots of pics! I'll live vicariously through you as I'm wading through cacti, sagebrush, and rocks. Ok, I should be grateful that I get to hike great Arizona - but when you throw the words "Colorado" and "Alaska" in there, I envision pretty things - not rocks and cacti.

Roccy said...

P.S. to Brian - Colt thinks you're completely awesome that you know first hand whether or not monkeys (should totally be monkies) eat ham.

And wait - there are monkies floating around in Afghanistan? And you conveniently had ham with you? Honey or smoked?


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