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Monday, March 9, 2009

Go Figure

I finally got to talk with Brian last night. It appears they have been continually delayed (as he says in his comment on the previous post) and has no idea when they will be leaving Iraq. Could be as late as the 11th. I put nothing past our great Army.

Anyhoo, I am much more at ease knowing that I won't get a surprise call soon saying, "Hey, we're in Dallas. I should be at Fort Hood in about an hour!" Phew. I'll be glad if I get that call, but for now I don't have to freak out. Quite frankly I feel like taking a small road trip, but I won't. Life shall continue as normal and maybe I'll clean a bathroom or something.

Today feels perfect for starting a new sewing project, so that is what I propose to do. Dresses or a quilt -that's my crushing dilemma, which I think I can handle.

I'll keep you posted on Brian's expected arrival (mainly because I can't shut up about it :) It was great, great fun IMing with him last night and I can't wait to have my buddy home!


Roccy said...

Frustrating! I'd happily watch Wilder for you if I were there!

(and sheesh - a 30 hour trip? are you kidding? I just got back from a 5 hour flight and I almost went crazy)

Brian said...

From my position... on the way!

Finally heading to Kuwait in the morning, to be followed up by approximately 24 hours and then I should be on the freedom bird headed back to the World.

Get excited!

Kelly Cameron said...

"get excited"?! GET EXCITED?!?! I'm going to need an intervention if I get any MORE excited! BRIAN, HOOOOOORRRRRAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! I'M MISSED YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Safe travels to Brian!!! We are very happy to hear he is coming home! Enjoy each other!! Miss and love you guys!


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