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Sunday, October 11, 2009


Last night we had a breakthrough. With 3+ ventures going on at once I have been praying and searching for clarity, wanting a unifying factor other than similar themes. All of my endeavors seemed to piggyback on each other and now I think we've (Brian and I) found that unifying factor and I feel a great peace.

Uncommon Women will turn from being a "non-profit" to a business. We will offer the self-improvement and confidence classes that I was trying to reestablish under Donavan Covey and my photography will be complimentary to the classes -offering before and after photos for make overs, providing headshot-like graduation photos for girls and women that complete course series- as well as being a business in its own right.

So far Uncommon Women has been an organization, not dealing with money at all except for becoming a member at the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and renting their facility for An Uncommon Holiday Show & Sale. The booth registration fee has been just enough (well, hopefully it will be enough) to cover rental and membership, as well as covering advertising costs. My plan is to become a business member at the Chamber before the event (currently registered as non-profit) and start advertising the confidence and self-improvement classes. It all makes sense. I've always wanted to do the classes, but I was confused how to make all these things work together.

Another key part of the breakthrough was deciding to hold the classes here at the house. This was my original plan when we moved in -I would use the Donavan Covey room (the formal dining room that is now a sitting room) to hold 6-8 student classes. Now that Wilder is nearly 2 and it's apparent that he wouldn't just play happily upstairs while Mommy taught, I though it was impossible to have classes here and was looking elsewhere. The regular set up, take down, plus the fee for using another facility were more complicating factors. Last night during a brainstorming session Brian and I hung out in the Donavan Covey room and decided it would work. We'll put up a few partitions and if classes start at 7pm that's only 30 minutes before Wilder goes to bed. Brian is incredibly supportive and happy to take care of Wilder while I teach classes. The Donavan Covey room is PERFECT -P-E-R-F-E-C-T!- for this purpose. Not only is it right next to the foyer, but it's intimate, lovely, super feminine and utterly conducive to creating the ideal atmosphere for women and young ladies improving their self-perception and building their personal success tool-kits!

Uncommon Women. It's perfect, isn't it? "Encouraging women of all ages to be confident, godly, beautiful inside & out while pursuing lives of passion and greater purpose." It all fits and finally I feel like the mind boggling puzzle has taken shape and definition. I know God is continuing to bless these endeavors as daily I am encouraged and challenged by new women and new ideas supporting Uncommon Women. I cannot begin to share all of the wonderful experiences I've had so far meeting women who are already walking in the UW direction and whom I have so much to learn from. It's an amazing journey!

Please continue to pray for me and our family as this vision refines and comes to fruition. Pray that I do not miss what God's will is, that I don't plow through on my own strength and "good" ideas, missing the true mark. We all quickly burn out when we charge out on our own instead of keeping in check with God and his fabulous plans. And please pray that I am patient, spend time listening and submitting to God, and have continued vision for Uncommon Women.

It's an exciting time and I am so thankful to have clarity in my direction. And I am incredibly thankful for my amazing husband, my wonderful family of sisters and mothers, and an awesome group of friends. Thank you!!

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You - have been - are - will be - a blessing to many. Love Mama


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