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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Howl-oween!

"Trick-or-treat!" Wilder was a return customer.
Agent Brian posing by the pumpkin. Actually he was waiting for Wilder to join the picture, but that didn't happen.
The dudes in black.The truly scary one in the neighborhood. Actually, a neighbor across the street had an awesome and darn-tootin' scary set up in their garage. The teenage son posed in a Grim Reaper costume at the edge of the garage -we honestly thought he was a statue!- and the dad was dressed as another Grim Reaper seated in a chair with the candy bowl in his lap. Strobe lights and smoke filled the blackened garage as ghoulish music haunted the air. Folks stood in the driveway just to see trick-or-treaters' reactions. I didn't want to go in, scaredy cat that I am, but with Brian holding Wilder I figured I'd better, you know, guard them from the scary guy(s.) A little girl in front of us was grabbed by the seated Reaper. Just as we approached -AAAAAHHHHH!- the teenage son (the supposed statue) came up behind us, yelling with raised arms. Wilder flattened to Brian's chest and let out the first yelp we've ever heard utter from his brave little mouth and I trucked it out of there! It sounds much scarier than it was, but Wilder never forgot that house. Once we got back to our home he'd stand in our driveway where the scary house was visible a yelled at it, pointing constantly. He actually wanted to go back! Silly kid.

Trick-or-treating at your house is the best!
One of the best parts of the evening -okay, THE best part- was when Wilder made a group of kids scream. He had a big, fake plastic bone he picked up by the front door and then chased the kids off, swinging it and yelling. He stopped mid-way in the driveway and kept shouting at them to go away. Next year he's going to be a caveman.
Our group effort pumpkin!
And another group effort pumpkin! 7 months today!
Wilder loved trick-or-treating at our house. Over, and over, and over again.
"Just the facts, ma'am."
We feel very protected with Agent Brian around.
Wilder armed with his plastic femur, Brian armed with --muuuuuuscclleeessss!
We had a fun Halloween! Hope yours was a howl, too!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Very fun!

Brian sure pulls off the -Secret Agent Man-
hmmm....a career direction yet undiscovered?

You all looked great!

love, Mama


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