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Sunday, October 4, 2009

New Venture: Make Overs & Confidence Classes

I'm, yet again, stepping forth into a new venture though it rings of past business plans. Finally, YES, finally I am starting my long-planned charm classes, but it goes beyond the classroom. Wardrobe and Make-Up Make Over classes and individual assistance is a biggy for this new biz. The 8 week charm school will now be presented as workshops for both women and girls (in separate classes.) After talking with several women and realizing I didn't have to create an entire workbook but could have several handouts and mainly teach by lecture (more like "friendly chat") and discussion. With that freedom and since I already have all 8 classes outlined in detail, I could theoretically start classes tomorrow! But I won't. Maybe next Friday...

So, I'm looking for an overhead business name. Something that describes the whole outfit, though each side branch can have a slight change of name to suit it.

I guess I should fill you in on the Wardrobe & Make-Up Makeover Classes -I am SO excited about them!

Total Make Over Class: 4 hours $150
The hostess invites several friends over and they split the cost of the class (roughly $25-40 each) or a woman can have a one-on-one session. We use the hostess's wardrobe as a learning tool and she gets personalized help!

-Personalized Foundational Wardrobe Building

-In-Closet Shopping: making outfits you've never thought of, saving hundreds of dollars

-Guided Accessorizing

-Pinpoint Your Wardrobe's Needs: make an economical shopping list

-"How to Shop Smart" guide

-Find "Your Look" and learn your perfect fit

*PLUS* Complimentary:
-Personalized Skin Care Analysis
-Make Up Make-Over and Lesson

Know a friend who could use a "lift" in the wardrobe/make-up department? Get together with a couple gals and surprise her with this fun group or individual class! It's an economical way to learn how to boost your look! Every woman needs this and we're going to have a great time helping you feel and look beautiful every single day!

With that sales pitch out there, here are a few names:

Uncommon Allure

Uncommon Elegance
Uncommon Beauty (but it's also the title of a book by a beloved author of mine)
Natural Beauty
Perfectly Me
Total Confidence

Remember, this name is supposed to cover the whole company, not just the wardrobe and make over classes. I need something that will work for teens as well as women -a title for a whole line of self improvement and confidence classes and services.

Okay gals, tell me what you think -I need feedback!

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