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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Donavan Covey

The vote is in! (Now, that didn't take long, did it?) I am finally putting Donavan Covey back to use. It will be the banner business for my new endeavors. Only makes sense, right? I was going to start Donavan Covey Charm Classes for Young Ladies, now it will be Donavan Covey everything. I'll be doing Confidence Boot Camps for women, teens and girls in workshop forms which gives me the flexibility to offer more classes and more thorough information than if I limited the course to a consecutive 8 week schedule. Now I can also put the Bibbity-Bobbity-Boo Total You Make Over (I'm not really going to call it that, but it's a nod to my mother's creativity :) under Donavan Covey, as well. I already have business cards, t-shirts, AND a website -Now it's time to use them!

I'm really excited and I'll keep you posted as things develop!
Thank you, Mama, for brainstorming with me. And thank you, Brian, for being my constant sounding board.

1 comment:

Jen Hoover said...

Wonderful Kelly!!!!!!!!


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