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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

LIVE, it's Uncommon Women!

Hi there, Neighbors,
A great, big TADA! I made my first video post for Uncommon Women, something I hope to do on a regular basis. This short clip is an intro explaining what UW is all about and what you can expect to find on the website. Honestly, I'm REALLY excited about having "live" bits in order to share. Nap time has proven to be a perfect time to drum up these neat additions. I'm even looking forward to posting with my new little dumpling in my arms!

One thing I want to do is take a personal stand for moms who work at home. I don't have an office and for the majority of the day it's wild around here. Wilder has to take trips with me to businesses and appointments. There must be a balance of professionalism but also I need to be comfortable being confident in my role as a mom who works from home. Kids come with the program and they will be a part of my business, as well (not meaning child labor, of course.) Yes, phone calls have squawking in the background -as well as "Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang" and I can't keep apologizing for it -it's part of my life, the life I have created and want. I don't have to be an at-home executive where the rules of an office apply here -because that's just impossible. And women need to feel the freedom and support to be both mothers (the TOP priority of their jobs) and business women. Girls, it's life.

Check out the new and improved Uncommon Women site and enjoy the video. Savannah sneaks up the stairs at the beginning, but at least you can't hear the works hammering on the roof next door...I think.

Thank you for your support and keep ideas coming my way!

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