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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Microwave, R.I.P.

A week after hearing about my friend's built-in microwave biting the dust, the unimaginable happened. Ours died, too. Darn you, built-in microwave! So this is what it was like to live in the "olden days?" Except that I have electricity, a huge refrigerator, and internet. Okay, so this is not what it's like to live 100 years ago, it's just life without a microwave.

Do you realize how often we use microwaves? I recently met a wonderful gal who does not own one because her husband dislikes the way it changes the texture of food. Funny look on my face after hearing that. How does one function without a microwave? I'm learning the answer to that.

I'm reheating pancakes in the pop up toaster, which is interesting. And I am tailoring what I cook for easy reheating on the stove. Reheating with the oven takes AGES, I might as well be cooking a brand new dish. More planning is involved with meal prep now, but the death of the microwave has rekindled some lost domesticity. At least something good as come out of it pooping out on me.

I'm putting my crockpot to good use and, out of necessity, creating better dinners. Microwaves are excellent at assisting me to eat crap -quick and easy crap. To cook without one I have to flesh out my meals beyond cheese quesadillas.

Who knows when we'll get the microwave fixed or replaced. For now we're coping without it and no one's died yet. Perhaps there will be a day when we say to each other, "Remember when we had a microwave? Yeah, I don't miss it either."

Then again...

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I AM JOE PESCI said...

Wow! I can't imagine . . . seriously.

You'll do great! So, whatcha gonna do with your old one? You gotta do something crafty and awesome with it. Perhaps use it for more "cabinet/pantry space?" Put the canned beans in there or something.


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