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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Austin to Memphis -Day 1

On April 20th we packed up the truck and headed for a grand and largely unplanned adventure to North Carolina with the intent of hiking, camping and site seeing. As Brian played Tetris with the bags in the car, Wilder patiently played and read books.
Just an hour behind schedule (due to having to pair down all the stuff we thought we couldn't live without -mainly clothes) we hit the road! First stop: West, Texas for their famous kolaches (pronounced kho-lah-cheese,) a Czech form of pastries that can be either sweet or savory.
The famous Czech Stop. Not far from the Czech Inn. And I'm sure someone is on their way to creating the Czech Point if it's not already in existence.
Heading to Dallas, kolache in hand -the navigator needs to keep her energy up. This kolache was filled with sausage, saurkraut and swiss cheese. Delicious, though it tends to feel like lead in your belly, as most things filled with lard do ;)
A bright, shiny shot of Dallas.
Nearly to the Arkansas border we stopped to stretch our legs. Wilder LOVED seeing all the big trucks. He shwishes his arm back and forth and says, "Varoom! Varoom!"
Savannah and Brian play ball while Wilder throws woodchips on the bushes -a favorite past time.
Hooray for roadtrips and Mac trucks!
Arkansas was a beautiful, thick wilderness of trees -quite a change from sparsely wooded Texas. East Texas has some gorgeous pine trees and more woods than most of the state (though Central Texas is rather lush,) but Arkansas was a veritable frontier compared to most of the Texas scenery.
Wilder was a real trooper. Of course he had his moments, but mainly he was a great little traveler. Here's a small taste of our goofy dude.
This is a purposeful "funny face." He rolls his eyes up and tilts his head down. We can't help but crack up -and that's Wilder's point: Make 'em laugh, make 'em laugh, make 'em laugh!
A travel toy from MiMa, Wilder loved drawing on his magnetic board. Good find, MiMa!
We rolled into Memphis around 9pm and stayed at the Red Roof Inn. Wilder had a rough night sleeping in his port-a-crib, but we managed to get some winks in and, hey, it's always fun to stay in a hotel!

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