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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Driving Tour From Murphy to Franklin -Day 7

Waiting a day for the ranger station to open and letting our muscles rest up, we were Sunday drivers, touring around to see the sights in the picture perfect area we were staying in. Our guidebook boasted of highway 64's quaint towns, country lifestyle, and scenery so we headed south to the town of Murphy and began a jaunt east to Franklin on the highway.
At a scenic viewpoint, we stretched our legs and had some playtime.
Puppy posed while Wilder played with Papa.

Brian took a peek at the view and returned saying, "It's the Sound of Music over there!" Yes, the hills were certainly alive with the sound of bluegrass. And here's a link to what became the soundtrack to our trip! Brian was determined to learn all the lyrics to The Ballad of Davy Crockett so he could sing it to Wilder as we hiked.

Very big deal right here. None of my guidebooks mentioned where entries were to the Appalachian trail were, but having acquired a map from a gas station we were able to find one of the hook ups off 64 near Standing Indian campground. Here's the trail!
Tada!! We FOUND it!!

Another viewpoint from 64.
The town of Franklin, which blossomed in the '20s as rich folks from the city flocked to the mountainous countryside for rest and relaxation, has a magnificent Scottish Tartans Museum. We have to take the guidebooks word for it because we showed up 2 minutes to closing and weren't able to peruse around.
Historic Franklin.

Beautiful, old homes stud the meandering streets and rolling hills.

On our way back to our "home" via highway 28, a winding road that cuts through more gorgeous countryside.
Views like this were a common sight and always brought joy to my heart to see.
An unmarked scenic point on 28.
Just stunning.
WOHOO!! Another AT connector! And this one was much closer to our campsite -only about a 25 minute drive.
A clearing for a picnic spot created quite the view at the AT connector.
Up and up to head south on the trail, on it's way to Georgia.
Across the highway, you'll head north on the trail towards Maine (eventually...)

We had a wonderful break with some gorgeous sights -nice change of pace, but we were happy to get back to our little campsite and the warm fire.

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