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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Naked Ground Trail Strikes Again -Day 5

Good morning! With the weather warming up, we didn't have to bundle as much in the AM and we had a leisurely breakfast and hung around camp as we gradually got ready to take another day hike. Sass and a bottle.
Journalling in the warm sun.

They're empty, don't worry. This little dude is a major can fan.
Before our hike on the Naked Ground Trail #55A, we drove up to the Maple Creek Overlook and, well, looked over Maple Creek (must be down there somewhere.)
The CIR-CLE of LIIIIIIFE..... Mufasa shall pass his kingship on to wee Simba someday.
These guys rock.

Overlooking our favorite place.
Boardwalk Boys
Ain' it purdy?
Okay, we're ready to attack Naked Ground Trail #55A, which supposedly hooks back up to #55.

This fungi knows where the party's at.

This was much harder than it looks. We came to a crossing of the Little Santeetlah River and a lot of thought went into how we were going to get Brian across with Wilder -and Savannah, who nearly drowned. But she's fine.
This water ran deep and fast -nothing to mess around with.
So we thought we'd found a trail, but it was so overgrown we ended up at a dead end and -yep- had to cross that blasted river again, but this time in an easier spot since we couldn't go back the way we came due to the slant of the rocks we hopped.
Once on the other side we had to bushwack back to the trail, no small feat. There was a good amount of hand holding, sloping skiing, and tree dodging.
After her near death experience, Savannah was taking no chances. It was like pulling teeth to get her to follow us down this short, but steep slope on our way to the trail. She just laid down and refused to move. Eventually she did, though, because she's still with us.
So, obviously, we all survived the "lost trail" experience. You have to get lost every once in awhile, otherwise where's the adventure. And Wilder knows all about adventure. He doesn't need Fear Factor to be daring, he just eats dirt for fun. Yep, he's getting Wilder in the Wilderness, that's for sure.
Cone time again! Not as successful as the previous experience, though. Wilder was more into waving the cone around than eating it, so I helped him out. It was delicious, despite the soggy Wiley bites.
We bought a tarp, an all purpose, must-have for camping, at the local Ace Hardware and Brian was busy trying to figure out a way to make a shelter over our camp. Wilder, obviously, helping him out.
The tarp shelter ended up a no-go since all the trees were too spread apart, despite the fact that we bought the largest one. But Brian got to exercise his geometry skills, so that's got to be a plus. Too bad we both stink at math...
Kickin' it in the camp chair, Wilder sips a tasty beverage while chillin' like a villian.
Brian tries his hand at making the fire -and it's a great success!
"Ugh, Me Mountain Man Make Fire!" He's so cute and furry.
Wilder was sent to bed before nightfall (around 8:30pm) and had a perfect night's sleep while we enjoyed Brian's blaze and cooked steak over the fire with roasted potatoes and S'mores. Ah, the good life!

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