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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Erica's Wedding Necklace: Part One

For the first time in four+ years, I slipped on my wedding dress JUST to model the first in a series of a few more to come of the necklaces I'm designing for Erica's big day. E, I thought you'd get a better feel for them if I was "in costume." And, I admit, it was fun wearing it again.

It's adjustable in length. This is at one of the shorter positions.

If it's too much, don't worry. Just wait a day or so and I'll have more designs to share. I'm just glad I showed myself I could make this design, one which I've always loved but wasn't sure I could create. Tada!

If you want to see the pictures a bit closer (a LOT closer, actually -these are huge files) just double click on the photo.)

1 comment:

Roccy said...

Your wedding dress is beautiful! And so is your jewelry. What a talent!

(my wedding dress is crammed under my bed - I'm afraid to pull it out and try it on)


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