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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Red Lines Rule

Just an update, I took another pregnancy test Saturday morning and the line's still there!

I've had some thoughts on this pregnancy. I really want to be as healthy and active as I can this time. With Wilder (or "Muffin" as we called him before we knew the gender) I was afraid that too much exercise would jostle the baby and cause a miscarriage. And as far as eating went, I basically ate whatever I felt like. Noodles, cheese, cheesy noodles, donuts, ice cream, chips and salsa. But this time -THIS time- I am going to stay active (without going overboard) and attempt to eat healthier. Things you learn from the first time around.

We are so excited! The estimated due date at this point is January 30th, but we'll know more after a doctor's visit. We are so thankful for this huge gift (in a little package) and are overjoyed that our family is growing!

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Anonymous said...

So exciting!!!! We are thrilled for you! There is no reason you can not run, hike, etc when you are pregnant! It made my pregnancy a cakewalk and one week post partum I am back in my normal jeans!



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