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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Meet Joseph the IV

It is my great honor and privilege to introduce you to a beautiful little man and our new nephew, Joseph IV. We drove down to Houston to visit the happy couple and their new gift yesterday and had such a wonderful time celebrating with them.
While Wilder wasn't too interested in playing with his cousin -yet- he certainly enjoyed visiting with the rest of the family and put on quite a show all day long.
Beautiful Mommy Brooke and baby Joseph.

Just perfect.

A gathering of love.

Hooray for new nephews!!
MiMa snuggles her new little grandson.
Uncle Bear is such a natural.
Brian, Brooke and Wilder get to visit.
Boppa and his two grandsons!
"My sister just had a baby and I'm EXHAUSTED," Brian says.

What a beautiful little family. Brooke and Joe are naturals at parenting and are utterly in love with their new little man. He truly is perfect. Many, many blessings on this lovely family as Brooke continues to heal and they get adjusted to the new routines of infancy and parenthood. We celebrate with you, Brooke and Joe!!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats to Brooke and Joe!!! What day was he born?



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