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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Naked Ground Trail, Take #3 -Day 6

Like most 18 month olds, Wilder is serious about his climbing. If he wasn't throwing fist fulls of dirt on things, he was climbing on the various boxes we stored our gear in.
With a little help from Papa, Wilder climbed Mount Box successfully.
Here we are tackling the Naked Ground Trail #55, hoping to make the loop around through several connecting trails, and end up back at the parking lot. It's the weekend, so the ranger's station is closed and the sunfaded map posted yonder is little help as we attempt to navigate this trail we've tried twice, two different ways. But they say 3rd time's a charm!

What a handsome duo. The Sleeper and The Hiker. I was the Concessions Stand -carrying the water and snacks.
Standing -nearly- inside the second largest tree the trail passes. Hollowed out at the base, it makes an ideal shelter in heavy rainfall.
We spent quite a bit of time debating if we had indeed missed our turn. We stopped at this beautiful (and cold) stream to let Wilder out to splash and stretch his legs. After 2 hours he was definitely ready to get out of that pack.

We took turns holding Wilder the Frostbite Toe Boy while the other fueled up. He cared not that the water was frigid and would have gladly dunked in had we not held him back.

We turned around, heading back from whence we came, unsure of what lay ahead and knowing we already went 2 hours in and were halfway through our water supply. Feeling somewhat defeated, yet spurred on to conquer this blasted Naked Ground Trail, we decided to hit up the ranger station in two days when it was open and finally nail this trail. In the mean time, look at the pretty flowers!

Our beloved campsite. We were tempted to carve our last name in a stretch of wood and nail it to the post, saying we'd moved in. It's pretty cheap rent at $10 a day!

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