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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Help! Name Me!

I'm trying to come up with a good name for my new photography business, and it's a toughy. What I'm looking for is something that has little or no web presence already (so googling like crazy,) a name that isn't too cheesy or cliched, and a name that doesn't pigeon hole me. I am not interested in doing fashion shoots, but I'd be up for doing weddings. My main focus at this point are portraits -family, children, babies, candid, semi-posed, etc. All with natural light and in natural atmospheres -outside or in the home, not a studio.

Here are some ideas I've had:

Cottage Hearth Photography
Chez Moi Photography (a bit on the cheesy side, but I DO work from home...)
Three Stones Photography
Captive Heart Photography (major syrupy, though)
Shoot The Moon Photography (though a gal in IL has this already with a great site)
A Lot Like Home Photography (too wordy)
Sweet Pickle Photography (too cutesy, but I do love it. Couldn't really do weddings with it.)
FoxWorks Photography (too industrial?)
Renaissance Mama Photography
Kelly Cameron Photography (A little obvious and rather bland.)

You wouldn't believe how many good names are already taken -and when I say taken, I mean taken by dozens of artists. Examples: Barefoot Photography, Briarwood Photography, Kismet Photography, Blink Photography. Just a few samples of names tried and passed by. How to find a good name that isn't popular? I'm not sure, but I'm working on it.

Help me out -vote on a name or send me a few more ideas of ones you like!

Here's a link to my Flickr photos if you want a tad of inspiration from some of my recent shoots.

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