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Friday, September 4, 2009

Labor Day Getaway

This weekend we tucked away in a cozy cabin just minutes away from the heart of Austin, but you wouldn't believe it if you closed your eyes and magically appeared here. We're surrounded by trees and have a beautiful, open, wooded view from a spacious deck. It's my sister-in-law's place they rent so they have a quiet spot to stay on visits from their home in Houston. It definitely makes one want to downsize, as well as live in the woods. What peace. Well, what peace when Wilder's in a mellow mood, like these photos show. What wasn't captured was the rest of the time when he was either bouncing off the walls (and couches,) throwing toys at our heads (he has quite an arm, we're rather in awe of it,) or throwing tantrums on the floor. But I have faith and a strong feeling that tomorrow will be a calmer day and all three of us, plus the dog, will thoroughly enjoy this wonderful retreat.

A few new developments. On Monday at work Brian was told he had basically two options for his future in the Army. 1) Reenlist and serve as a drill sergeant for the next 3 years in SC, or 2) Make Special Forces. He immediately marched over the the Special Forces recruiting office and signed up for the November SFAS course. And he is currently researching many civilian job options with great zeal. So, several more months of training for him and another 20 days of hell, but he feels confident that armed with the knowledge and lessons he gleaned from his first time around he can charge through this next course with much less difficulty.

Last night we had a fellow Brian went through this past SFAS course with and his young family over for dinner. It was heartening hearing Brian and Troy rehashing their experiences together and exchanging tips. As Brian has shared with me, the mystery is gone from the whole Special Forces Assessment and Selection. He knows now how to really prepare, despite the 30 odd books he read trying to glean the information before his August testing, and he can train more efficiently. It seems we are both at peace with this next step. And, heck, it's nice having a plan even if it's short ranged.
We're keeping our sense of humor and focusing on the important stuff -like squeezing our heads through the banisters while singing in Pig Latin. Okay, bad example. But it's good to regroup and readjust after several months of heightened anticipation and exhaustion (the latter was mainly on Brian's part.) Happy Labor Day Weekend, everyone! We're definitely not laboring, and hopefully neither are you. Many blessings to you and your family from me and mine.

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