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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

HiiiiiYAH! (sound effect for karate chop)

A few snaps of the fruit of my labor, conquering my September goal. Here is my pretty, girly room -reclaimed! No toys (well, Wilder keeps throwing random ones he drags from upstairs behind the furniture) and all froofiness. Just looking at this room has a calming effect.
Yes, yes, they are totally crooked and too close together, but they're staying that way until I can stomach popping more holes in the wall (it's pretty swiss cheesey thanks to my highly accurate "eye balling" technique.) I have had this window box sitting in a closet unfinished for over two years. Now, it's DONE and hung.
Previously my craft area, the bookshelves were stocked with gross looking disorganization and a melange of crafting crap, cds, books, and sheer randomness. Along with the closet on the opposite wall (not pictured) which was packed with stuff that kept begging me to weed through, these two areas are now transformed into lovely pockets of order. *Sigh* It's good to tackle these kinds of projects.

Now all I need to do is finish my closet, dominate the guest room (which is full of gifts and picture frames,) and tackle two cupboards in the kitchen that are housing mini civilizations of chaos and disorder. Come on, September, let's keep rocking this house!

Oh! And we're having our first ever garage sale this Saturday. The garage shall be reclaimed!

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Anonymous said...


...good fortune at the garage sale.

Love you, Mama


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